Rick and Morty Enlists Daniel Radcliffe and Jack Black for Some Hilarious and NSFW Roles

Rick and Morty has released the penultimate episode of the sixth season, and it was such a big occasion that Harry Potter and more star Daniel Radcliffe, and The Super Mario Bros. Movie and more star Jack Black have been enlisted to the series for some hilarious and NSFW jokes! As the sixth season winds down its impressive run of episodes, the second to last episode of the season went back to the main formula of focusing on the main duo as Morty gets wrapped up into a whole kind of medieval adventure on the sun. 

This soon turns out to be a whole ordeal in which Morty can't escape from unless he cuts off his privates to prove his loyalty to the Knights of the Sun. His refusal to do so, and participate in this wild new group he becomes a part of, sparks an entire war that soon involves both the likes of Jack Black and Daniel Radcliffe as two of the many knights of the moons of many of the planets across the solar system. 

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Who Are Daniel Radcliffe and Jack Black Voicing in Rick and Morty

Episode 9 of Rick and Morty Season 6 is titled "A Rick in Mortur's Court," and Morty soon becomes the king of the sun but refuses to hold up his post. This kicks off a vie for power from the rest of the planet's knights orders, and the "Viscounts of Venus" are led by a character voiced by Jack Black. He ends up playing a crucial role in the climax as the one overseeing Morty cutting off his private parts and makes Morty jump through lots of hoops to prove he's going to cut off the real thing. 

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As for Daniel Radcliffe, he's actually voicing one of the main Knights of the Sun that we meet throughout the episode and gets to explain much of their lore. Not only that, but his big gag in the episode itself is that he's the one that gets to note how good heroin is for all of the knights when they get addicted to it later on. It's certainly a wild guest role for both of the stars. 


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