Rick and Morty Season 6 Previews Return in New Trailer: Watch

Rick and Morty gang, huddle up! It has been some weeks since the hit sitcom went on hiatus, but it won't be long before Adult Swim brings the series back. By the end of this month, Rick Sanchez will be back in the saddle, and season six is teasing everyone about what's in store with a special new trailer. 

As you can see below, season six returns in the latest promo for Rick and Morty. The sizzle reel gets into action quickly as Rick chooses violence within a few seconds of returning to television. And as the promo goes on, fans are shown some familiar faces like Dr. Wong and others to hype the show's return.

What's in Store for Season 6?

If you are not caught up with Rick and Morty right now, you can catch up on the Adult Swim series easily. Most of its backlog is streaming over on HBO Max if you need to schedule a marathon. And of course, the season will return to television on November 20th.

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This big comeback will mark the return of Rick and Morty following its midseason finale weeks ago. During that time, the series did make a special return in time for Halloween. Adult Swim released a terrifying short about Summer to celebrate the spooky holiday. And for Thanksgiving, well – fans are getting the show back in full.

Of course, there is more to come for Rick and Morty beyond season six. Adult Swim made a hefty order when it renewed the animated sitcom a few years back. So far, the team has started production on season seven while development on season eight has gotten underway. And given the show's success, you can bet Rick and Morty will be around for years to come.

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