Robot Chicken Drops Sneak-Peek at Season 11's Midseason Premiere

Robot Chicken is finally bringing back Season 11 for new episodes, and Adult Swim has dropped a special sneak peek preview at the midseason premiere! The eleventh season of the fan favorite stop-motion animated series introduced a whole new spin of several major pop culture institutions last Fall, and wrapped up the first half of its run in a surprisingly short time. Fans had been eager to see whether or not the series would be returning soon, and luckily Adult Swim has now set its premiere for later this weekend as Season 11 gets ready for its next batch of episodes!

Adult Swim has confirmed that Robot Chicken Season 11 will be returning to Adult Swim beginning on Sunday, February 20th at midnight ET/PT. There will be eight more episodes of the season debuting on Sunday evenings, so fans will definitely want to tune in to see how it all shakes out. As for what to expect from the new episodes, the exclusive clip reveals a look at a very twisted take on The Flintstones' Christmas special that ends up destroying the fabric of time and space! You can check it out below: 

Adult Swim has yet to reveal if there are plans for Robot Chicken to return for Season 12, Tom Root, who has worked as a producer, writer, and director for Robot Chicken previously spoke with's Chris Killian about a potential Robot Chicken Season 12 or Crossing Swords Season 2 together with John Harvatine IV. Following a comparison of the differences and challenges for the two series, Root could not confirm nor deny whether or now a new season of either series was in the works, unfortunately, "There's no official word that we can talk about yet for Robot Chicken, and we are waiting to find out more about Crossing Swords, so the answer to both is 'I can't tell you anything.'" 

As for the first half of Robot Chicken Season 11, it's described by Adult Swim as such, "The Robot Chicken Nerd and Bitch Pudding are also back along with a spooky Halloween-themed episode. And not to disappoint, no corner of pop culture is safe from Robot Chicken's satirical gaze this season. The show skewers today's biggest hits and classics including fan-favorite characters from movies, television shows, video games, celebrities, and even nursery rhymes – Robot Chicken spares nothing and no one and prides itself on having the most comedy a quarter-hour sketch comedy show can provide!"

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