Sasha Banks Reveals Which Anime Characters Would Do Well in the WWE

Anime and pro wrestling have a lot in common as both have long running stories (with many continuing threads years after they were first planted), larger than life characters (some with otherworldly powers), and many of those characters have dedicated fanbases of their own. So it's not hard to imagine the two worlds crossing over, and it makes a ton of sense when a member of the WWE roster reveals they are a fan of anime as well. WWE Women's Tag Team Champion (and current owner of the Raw Women's Championship) Sasha Banks recently opened up about her anime fandom with Crunchyroll.

In an interview with Crunchyroll's Daniel Dockery, Banks not only revealed her thoughts about many anime she's currently watching at the moment but she also broke down which characters would do well in the WWE. Not surprisingly, these choices offer a variety of potential angles for these fan favorites.

When asked about which character she thought would do well in the WWE, Sasha Banks revealed that she could not decide on just one, so instead offered three different choices, "There are way too many. What makes anime so cool is the [u]niqueness of the [c]haracters, [s]o I'll choose 3 different ones." Starting off with which character would be a good bad guy in the WWE, Sasha Banks chose a Dragon Ball favorite, "I'd say Vegeta, because he's such a jerk that you kind of want to see him get beat up, but then he's so cool that you could see yourself cheering for him."

WWE Sasha Banks Dragon Ball Vegeta
(Photo: WWE / Shueisha)

As for characters WWE fans would root for, there are two deep cuts, "Then there's Kenzo Harima from School Rumble. He's just a misunderstood guy who has a lot of layers that I think people would get behind. And lastly, Killer B from Naruto Shippuden. To me, he's what R-Truth would be if he were an anime character." Each of these characters would fill in a different spot in the WWE roster so there would definitely be room for everyone!

But what do you think of it? What do you think of Sasha Banks' choices? Which anime characters do you think would excel in the WWE? Would you watch a full WWE anime production? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

via Crunchyroll