Spy x Family Is Dominating Every Demographic in Japan

Spy x Family may be on a break right now, but it will not be long before the series returns. If you have been keeping up with the industry, you will know this anime is at the top of the leaderboards for 2022, and all eyes are on its next cour. And given some new data, fans have learned Spy x Family held up very well with its ratings overseas.

The team at Video Research Ltd. pulled all of the data together from homes in Japan. It turns out Spy x Family was the most-watched anime and overall television show in Japan with streaming and VOD services. Spy x Family nabbed this accolade in June, and it is not the first time the series has been honored with its ratings. The show was the most-watched in Japan on streaming beginning in April and kept up the success for three months straight.

According to the data pulled, Spy x Family pulled in some impressive ratings when it aired live on television. It was the most-watched anime on Japanese broadcast each week during its first cour's run. On average, the show raked in 7.5 million viewers, and a little more than five million households tuned in weekly for episode 1-12.

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As you can imagine, Spy x Family has quite a big fanbase, and they are all looking forward to its return. The slice-of-life series will make a comeback this fall as Wit Studio and CloverWorks have another cour to go before season one ends. And if you keep up with Tatsuya Endo's manga, you know the show will tackle some excellent stories when it returns!

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