Spy x Family Teases Major Desmond Mystery

Spy x Family has introduced a new member of the Desmond Family to the equation with its latest slate of chapters, and the newest chapter of the series has deepened the mysteries even further surrounding Melinda Desmond! The Desmond Family is the key reason the Forger Family exists in the first place as Twilight has been approaching Donovan Desmond with the intense of finding out some key information and moving forward with Operation Strix. But the latest chapters have thrown a surprising wrench into the situation as Yor Forger suddenly met Damien's mother, Melinda, during a regular outing running errands.

While Twilight's previous plan was to form a family unit, get into Eden Academy, and get close enough to Donovan's son Damien to eventually meet in the same room, Melinda has offered up a strange and unexpected opportunity for connection as now she has met Yor in the wild. But while there's an opportunity, there's also a very deep and potentially dangerous mystery building as the newest chapter teases that Melinda is hiding something sinister about her feelings towards Yor and the Forger Family in general. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 66 of Spy x Family picks up shortly after Yor is officially introduced to Melinda, and she begins telling Loid about their first meeting. Melinda brushes off Yor's apologies about Anya punching Damien in the face, and while she laughs at first, she ended up putting on a much more ominous and serious face to get Yor to drop the subject entirely. She figures out that Yor had no idea about Melinda's political connections, and Melinda wanted to hide it from Yor in the first place. But despite all of this, she really wants to be friends with Yor. 

But what makes this all very shady is the fact that Melinda keeps making these very intense faces when it comes to how she wants Damien and Anya to be friends. Yor naturally doesn't pick up on this intense emotion, and while it's explained that she is distant from both her husband and son, it's still a dangerous and odd situation for the Forger Family to be in. It makes a much more difficult path for Operation Strix going forward, and thus Melinda's going to be one to keep an eye on. 

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