Studio Ghibli Fan Spots Obscure Easter Egg in Stardew Valley

Studio Ghibli has their next big movie releasing later this year in Earwig And The Witch, which will feature a look into a completely computer generated world, and it seems as if a fan of the film Howl's Moving Castle was able to find an easter egg for this film in an unlikely place, the video game of Stardew Valley! Though the coronavirus pandemic has hit the world of anime hard, Ghibli has been able to capitalize by releasing their films into theaters and making profits in a number of countries while many new films have had to be postponed.

Stardew Valley is a unique "farm simulator" that puts the player into a character that is left a farm to grow and nurture on their own. The Easter Egg in question, that came from the Studio Ghibli film of Howl's Moving Castle, is a scarecrow that just so happens to seemingly brings together the two universes and merging together the worlds of anime and video games. Studio Ghibli itself has ventured into the world of video games before, having dipped their toes into the Japanese role playing game of Ni No Kuni, which used their stylish animation to help bring this magical world to life!

Reddit User LilTDawgg shared the discovery that the scarecrow that is inhabiting the world of Stardew Valley is eerily similar to the one that was in fact alive throughout the magical story of Studio Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle, which had more than a few inanimate objects coming to life throughout:

Y’all I just realized this scarecrow is turniphead from howls moving castle! from r/StardewValley

Ghibli is stretching its legs even further into the future outside of the likes of the worlds of anime and video games, with an amusement park currently in the works that will bring some of the most well known locales from the world of the legendary animation studio to life, such as Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and My Neighbor Totoro to name a few. With the theme park set to arrive in the fall of 2022, it definitely seems as if the locale will help fans enter into these anime worlds in a brand new way!

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