Sword Art Online Cosplay Lets Alice Shine Bright

One awesome Sword Art Online cosplay is truly shining with Alice! While the anime franchise is currently moving ahead with new feature film releases, the TV series left things off on quite a high note. With the third season of the anime being the longest-running in the franchise to date (lasting over four full cours of episodes over the course of two years overall), fans got to see the massive Alicization arc play out to its fullest. This meant that fans finally got to meet the newest heroine at the center of it all, Alice Zuberg, otherwise known as Alice Synthesis Thirty.

The Alicization saga, much like previous arcs in the past, teamed Kirito up with some new faces as he explored a whole new kind of virtual world with dramatically different rules than ones he has gone through in the past. Over the course of it he was introduced to Alice, a young girl who he and Eugeo were friends with before she was forced to become one of the Integrity Knights. As an Integrity Knight she worn a stunning golden suit of armor, and now that's all come to life with some awesome cosplay from artist @seracoss on Instagram! Check it out below: 

Also like the other heroines from the past arcs, Alice will be sticking around for future fights to come. It's just tough to figure out exactly what is coming next, or when that might happen. As the original light novel series is still making its way through the arc following the Alicization saga, the anime series is likely going to take a breather before it returns to adapt whatever comes next. The final episode of the saga teased that there would be a huge new war coming Kirito's way, and Alice will be along for the ride as one of the allied forces. 

Until then, at least there are new feature film releases to enjoy as Sword Art Online Progressive takes a much more detailed look at the events of the original Aincrard with a slower paced journey through all the floors cleared by Kirito and Asuna in the original series that had been skipped over in favor of quickly getting to the top. It means it's going to be a while before we see Alice in action again unfortunately, but what do you think? Are you hoping to see Alice in action someday? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!