Sword Art Online Finally Brings Alice to the Real World

Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld is nearing its end, and one of the final surprises of the massive Alicization saga is that Alice was officially brought into the real world with the newest episode of the series. Alice has served as the anchor for the entire Alicization saga as she was the reason Kirito and Eugeo ended up attacking Administrator in the first place. But while she was a later addition to the third season overall, she has been the heart of the War of Underworld saga as Kirito and Asuna fought to free her from Gabriel's cluthes.

This brought Alice's fluctlight to the real world, and the newest episode of the series has given her a physical body. Rath could not recreate the golden armor she wore in Underworld, so she decided to wear the school uniform of the same human heroes that came to her and the human territory's aid. Her debut in the real world is not a clean one, however, as the series has opened up a number of new philosophical questions over artificial intelligence and their rights.

What complicates matters worse is that something's definitely off with her as Alice still feels complicated feelings about what happened in the fight with Gabriel, and now it's been made even worse the more she's kept away from Kirito and the others and paraded out in front of the press. But for all intents and purposes, Alice has successfully made the jump to the real world.

The Alicization saga is the longest in the series thus far, so Alice is definitely one of the most compelling heroines in the series thus far considering how much she inherently understands about her own creation. She's also fallen in love with Kirito, and joins the long line of other women who have been impacted by Kirito's actions over the course of his long journey thus far.

Surprised to see how Alice was officially brought into the real world? Do you think she will stick around or make her way back to Underworld? How do you think Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld will come to an end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!