The God Of High School Debuts New "Gods" Trailer

The God of High School is one of the most popular Crunchyroll Originals that the streaming service has debuted, with the fights of Mori Jin blowing fans socks off based on the fluid animation and fast paced action, and to celebrate the series, Crunchyroll has released a new minute long trailer titled "Gods" that shows brief clips from some of the biggest brawls of the series. Brought to life originally by WEBTOON as a web comic in 2011, God of High School's anime debuted earlier this year and gave us a brand new fighting anime to marvel at!

Crunchyroll Originals have been a hit for the streaming service so far, with anime series such as Tower of God, Noblesse, and In/Spectre joining the likes of The God of High School. With each of the series having a distinctly unique flavor, God of High School definitely feels the most like a Shonen series, with Mori Jin and his friends struggling in tournaments to prove who is strongest. Needless to say, the hard hitting anime has managed to become a fan favorite among the original series that the streaming platform has added to their digital catalogue and it will be interesting to see what the future has in store for both this and the other Crunchyroll Originals.

The God of High School New Trailer
(Photo: Studio MAPPA)

The God Of High School is created by the animation house of Studio MAPPA, who has recently been making waves thanks to it taking the reins for Attack On Titan's fourth and final season from the franchise's original studio of Wit. Based on the animation of The God of High School and the footage we've seen so far, it seems as if Attack On Titan is in good hands.

The official description for The God Of High School reads as such:


Jin Mori has proclaimed himself the strongest high schooler. His life changes when he's invited to participate in "God of High School," a tournament to determine the strongest high schooler of all. He's told that if he wins, any wish he makes will be granted... All the participants are powerful contenders who fight their hardest for their own wishes. What awaits them at the end of the tournament? A chaotic battle between unbelievably strong high school students is about to begin!"

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