The Prince of Tennis Shares Poster for Upcoming OVA

The Prince of Tennis has been branching out with a series of special OVA episodes for the last couple of years, and it has shared a brand new poster for its newest OVA selection. The Prince of Tennis franchise has seen a revival in the last couple of years with a series of OVAs remaking many of the franchise's best matches over the course of its run. But things will be changing for the next OVA release as it will actually be featuring new content never seen in the franchise before from the series' original creator.

The official Twitter account for The Prince of Tennis revealed a new poster for the upcoming OVA, The Prince of Tennis: Hyotei vs Rikkai Game of Future. There are currently no real details as to the nature of this release (whether or not it's an anime series or film release), but whatever the project ends up becoming it will release in two parts across February and March next year. As the title suggests, it will feature a match between Hyotei Academy and Rikkai Dai Fuzoko Chuu.

Original series creator Takeshi Konomi will be supervising the match in this upcoming OVA because this will be the first time that the two schools compete, but there's no real word on where this match really takes place in the franchise's time line just yet. This won't be the only anime project from the franchise either as a new Prince of Tennis film is in the works for a release sometime in 2021.

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