The Prince of Tennis Developing New TV Anime

It has been a good while since The Prince of Tennis went live with a new TV show, but that has not [...]

It has been a good while since The Prince of Tennis went live with a new TV show, but that has not stopped the franchise from making one. According to new reports, it seems like the series is preparing a new TV anime which will debut sometime between 2020 - 2021. At this point, the reports have popped up from notable influencers within the fandom, so netizens feel okay going all in on this sporty announcement.

The news was shared earlier today by both AIR News and WSJ_Manga on Twitter. The accounts say the anime plans on releasing a new TV series titled Prince of Tennis: Hyotei vs Rikkai. This show is expected to be entirely original with the Prince of Tennis' author overseeing its story.

According to WSJ_Manga, creator Takeshi Konomi shared some words on the new series himself. The man behind the franchise promised his team will "provide lots of stories that the animation team wanted to create. This will be an original work."

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Currently, these reports are not official as no studio has claimed the TV anime for its own. Weekly Shonen Jump is also keeping quiet about the project, but fans are pretty suree it is in the works. Just last year, the franchise rumbled awake with a surprise comeback when it was announced The Prince of Tennis would get a new film.

As for the movie, it will be titled Ryouma! Rebirth Movie - The Prince of Tennis. This movie, which Konomi will oversee, plans to tell an original story which is set in-between the anime's original series and its sequel. There is no word on when the anime will go live, but the movie was expected to hit Japan this year before being delayed. So if all works out, it seems a TV anime will keep the sports series alive even after this movie runs through its theatrical run.

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