The Promised Neverland Illustrator Celebrates Live-Action Movie with New Sketch

The Promised Neverland is one of the most popular anime franchises to arrive in recent years, and this is definitely shown with the upcoming live action movie that will be released later this year, with the release of a new trailer causing illustrator Posuka Demizu to give a brand new take on the characters that make up this dark fantasy tale. With the anime franchise also set to receive a live action television series that will be released on Amazon's video service, it's clear that even though the manga came to a close, the franchise is showing no signs of slowing any time soon!

The first live action feature length film for the anime franchise looks like it will be covering the events of the first season of the anime show, introducing the unique characters and world that helped The Promised Neverland become so popular. The story, which focuses on a trio of orphans who discover that the world they are currently living in is one that is ruled by monsters who created their orphanage to raise human children as if they were cattle, is certainly one of the darker stories in the world of anime today.

The Official Twitter Account for The Promised Neverland shared this brand new sketch from the illustrator of the series in Posuka Demizu, giving us a brand new take on the main characters of the series following the runaway train of popularity that the franchise has basked in for the past several years:

With the second season of the anime slated to hit early next year, fans who are following along with television series are waiting to see what world lies beyond the walls of the orphanage that kept Emma, Norman, and Ray in check.

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