The Promised Neverland: Controversial Episode Foregoes Writing Credit Amidst Backlash

The Promised Neverland went from being one of anime's most-anticipated projects to a laughing [...]

The Promised Neverland went from being one of anime's most-anticipated projects to a laughing stock in a single season. After season one ended, the show racked up fans around the world who were eager for season two, but the follow-up languished with delays. After going live this year, fans of The Promised Neverland are becoming harder to find, and it seems the crew working on the anime doesn't want to be associated either.

The situation in question went live when The Promised Neverland put out its latest episode. Episode 10 hit up fans with its usual credits including directors Ayako Kurata, Ryo Kodama, and Shigeru Fukase. However, this episode is different in major respect. It has no credited screenwriter as Toshiya Ono or Nanao - who were credited with previous episodes - are nowhere to be found.

The Promised Neverland
(Photo: CloverWorks)

This could be a blip, yes, but there is more evidence in this credit's sequence that has fans suspicious. Episode 10 ended with no mention of Kaiu Shirai, the manga's co-creator. The writer was previously listed for helping with the series composition, but Shirai is no longer listed. Their absence mixed with the missing screenwriter has led fans to theorize that no one wants to be tied to this episode... and you will know why once watching it.

While The Promised Neverland manga thrives in suspense, the show's second season has become painfully obvious in its rushed pacing. The show is nearly in its endgame thanks to several cut arcs, undeserved reveals, and allegiance swaps. From its shoddy writing to its unconvincing action, The Promised Neverland has failed to impress fans in any way, so you cannot blame the crew for stripping their credits from the project at this point. Still, the credit reel might have been done in error this past episode. It will be worth seeing whether episode 11 features a named screenwriter, so fans will want to stay tuned to season two if not just for that reason.

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