The Promised Neverland Sparks Debate with a Controversial DC Films Homage

The Promised Neverland has been busy with its second season in 2021, but that doesn't mean things are going great for the franchise. Despite a stellar first season, the show has most definitely taken a hit with its newest episodes. The show's original story choices have left a large number of fans upset, and now, a new anime-only scene has prompted fans to compare season two to a controversial DC Comics film.

If you are caught up with the newest season of The Promised Neverland, you may know what's up. The whole thing began the new episode went through Norman's adventure after he was separated from Emma and Ray. As manga readers already knew, Norman went through a dark streak where he killed whatever demons he could find, but things got weird when he failed to kill a young demon.

It turns out Noman flinched after the girl's father appeared and called her name. The demon child was named Emma, and Norman froze after hearing her name being called out. He was shocked by the reminder given his feelings for his Emma, and the demon girl escaped death all thanks to her name. So if this scene sounds familiar to you, well - you probably have seen Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

After all, the divisive DC Comics film saw a very similar scene go down. In the end, fans watched as Batman and Superman went head to head, and the former got the upper hand at one point. However, Bruce Wayne chose to spare Superman after he mentioned the name Martha. Both heroes have someone in their lives named Martha who they love, so Batman freaked out when he heard Superman mention his Martha. This call was all Batman needed to realize that killing Superman was an extreme choice, so Bruce backed off. Now, Norman has experienced that exact moment for himself, so netizens are wondering whether Zack Snyder helped bring The Promised Neverland's new season to life.


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