The Seven Deadly Sins Art Imagines Escanor's Real-Life Look

The Seven Deadly Sins may be over, but that has not stopped one artist from imaging the real-life glory of Escanor. The hero is one of the last Sins to join the group after Meliodas reunited the gang, but there is good reason for it. To say Escanor is strong would be putting things lightly, and we're kinda obsessed with his live-action design.

Over on Reddit, the artist dk_reset shared their take on Escanor with fans. The anime community isn't one to praise live-action looks so easily, but Esacanor looks too good to pass up.

As you can see below, the live-action take on Escanor is made with 3D modeling. The digital piece shows how Escanor would look in the daytime when he has all of the sun's power on his side. The buff hero is impossible to miss given his stature here, and his worn clothing make him all the more intimidating.

Lions Sin of Pride - Escanor Fan Art! (The image posting is quite limited on reddit.. I did so many test post to figure things out ugh. Please see comments for link to other renders that show his full glory if you like what you see here!) from r/NanatsunoTaizai

Of course, nothing is more terrifying than the scar over his chest. Escanor's scar has been given gnarly detailing in the manga, but the anime always refrain from such graphic art. This live-action artwork emphasizes the scar tissue covering the injury, and it looks like a very nasty burn. Luckily, he looks less conspicuous as his coat covers the scar, but fans know the injury is a defining point of his design.


For Escanor, this makeover is a big change, but fans aren't sure they prefer this real-life version of the hero. The anime promised to do right by the hero, but The Seven Deadly Sins dropped the ball on the fighter's design. But if the series could support a 3DCG series with designs like this one, fans would not say now.

What do you make of this IRL design? Does it suit Escanor or...? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!