The Seven Deadly Sins Confirms SPOILER is Really Dead

After teasing a couple of different climaxes, Nakaba Suzuki's The Seven Deadly Sins truly came to an end with Chapter 346 of the series. The final moments of the series left fans with all sorts of emotions as they contended with the fact that not only will there no longer be some adventures with the Sins for some time, but it also meant that all hope for a last minute revival went out the window. The Seven Deadly Sins has shown in the past that death is not always permanent, but one of the key later deaths unfortunately turned out to be.

With the final chapter of the series now come and gone as the Seven Deadly Sins move forward into the future with their own kids, one Sin who won't be taking those journeys with them is Escanor, who gave his life during the battle with the Demon King and unfortunately remained dead as the final pages of the manga came to a close.

In the fight against the Demon King, Escanor activated an "ultimate" version of The One, which sets his body ablaze. Although this form was indeed a powerful one, his use of the ultimate version meant that keeping the fire lit burned through his life force. After the battle was over, Escanor continued to burn into ash as his body felt the ramifications of this ability.

Escanor bid one final goodbye to the Sins, and even managed to confess his love to Merlin in the process. After this, his body burned away completely. With the series continuing further for a few chapters it might have looked like there was a last minute revival in the works, but unfortunately this wasn't to be the case.

Escanor missed out not only on the final reveal with Merlin, the battle with Chaos, and the future generations of the Sins being born. But he left quite an impact on the Sins and the fans of the series, and although the Sins had taken all sorts of hits through the various battles one of them eventually did stick.


How do you feel about Escanor's death in The Seven Deadly Sins? Was he the right character to kill off as a casualty of the final battle? Did any character need to die at all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!