The Simpsons Sneaks In Shout Outs to Rick and Morty, South Park and More

The Simpsons debuted its Treehouse of Horror special for the season, and with its final moments decided to take a shot at other major animated projects like Rick and Morty, South Park, Big Mouth, Futurama and many more! Season 34 of the long running animated series has been unfolding much differently than many of the other seasons such as the full Halloween special (taking on Stephen King's IT) debuting last week, and that's truer than ever with the latest Treehouse of Horror. As not only did it surprise fans with its full anime episode, but featured a full meta look into the series' past. 

Treehouse of Horror XXXIII's third and final segment was titled "Simpsonsworld," and while its title suggests a full parody of the Westworld series, it's actually something far more creative. The series this season has been playing around with its very long history, and that's true here as the Horror segment not only brought in many of the biggest moments and references to some of its best jokes in the series' history, but also brought in many other animated franchises in on the intellectual property fun. You can see it below in the clip:

How Does The Simpsons Reference Rick and Morty, South Park, and More? 

The third segment of the Treehouse of Horror special this year saw the Simpson family discover that they are actually mechanical creations built for a theme park dubbed "Simpsonsworld." This theme park recreates some of the series' best and most memorable moments with robots bringing all of these classic jokes to life, and thus Homer and the others discovered that they were nothing more than intellectual property being used in this way. 

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The end of the segment sees the family successfully escaping from their park, only to end up in "Bob's Burgers Land" another park with intellectual properties. Scrolling out then reveals that the world is populated with nothing but other intellectual property parks such as "South Park Park," "Family Guy Town," "Futurama-Rama," "Big Mouth Mountain," "Rick and Morty Universe," and even "SpongeBob Sea." It's a very light humor joke that doesn't really poke fun at the shows themselves, but the way they have been used so far! 

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