You Should Check Out The Simpsons' IT Tribute Episode

The Simpsons often celebrates Halloween each year with the traditional Treehouse of Horror special, but this year was a bit different as Season 34 also released a full episode paying tribute to Stephen King's famous novel turning multimedia franchise, IT. Not only has this season been one of the best in recent memory (which is part of a trend seen in the last few seasons in particular as the series has found a renewed energy), but this special is also one of the best Halloween specials from the series in quite a long time. You really should find some time to check it out. 

The Simpsons released this new episode, "Not It," as a "Treehouse of Horror Presents" special that teases we could be getting more stuff like this in the future. Outside of the confines of the usual 7 or so minute time limit for the usual segments, "Not It" is allowed to fully flesh out not only its central parodical premise but the new world of this makeover. It's such a fun end result as it not only provides the kinds of complete retooling of Springfield that these parodies can have, but is able to tell a fresh, funny, and genuinely exciting story with it. 

(Photo: 20th Century Studios)

What is Not It? 

"Not It" is broken up into two different chapters reflecting the 27 year difference between the stories from Stephen King's original novel series. With Krusty (now "Krusto") as the main monster here, it not only easily lends to the kinds of visual gags one would expect of making Pennywise the Clown Krusty instead, but Krusty's need for laughs also fuels the way this new monster works as well. There are enough similarities to the story to be faithful, but it's not like the team behind the episode is afraid to shake things up. 

It's a complete reinvention of Springfield's characters. Now taking place in "Kingfield," (and outside the scope of the main canon of course), the story is not afraid to take big swings for its jokes. For example, since all the adults are younger in the first chapter, you get fun moments like Superintendent Chalmers now being a bully nicknamed "Super Intense Kid Chalmers." And that's not even accounting for the new dynamics of its central cast, which ends up with Comic Book Guy in a fun and pivotal role. 

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There's so much more packed in here that makes for a fun experience that you should check out before any of it is spoiled for you (including the awesome fan art)! To do so for now, you can find the episode now streaming with Hulu along with the rest of Season 34's current episodes. But how did you like The Simpsons' take on IT?  Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!