Thundercats Joins Hulu with Original and Reboot Series

Thundercats first debuted on television screens decades ago in 1985, but the legacy left behind by Lion-O and his fellow denizens of Thundera has long continued past their initial appearances, and the streaming service of Hulu has added both the first series and the 2011 reboot to their ever expanding roster of series! Hulu has been one of the major streaming services out there when it comes to not only television series in general, but animated ones to boot, and Thundercats will join a number of other popular series such as Rick & Morty and My Hero Academia to name a few.

The story of Thundercats is a strange one when it is laid out on paper, following a group of warriors from the planet Thundera that are half human, half feline, attempting to fight against the villainous Mumm-Ra, an ancient mummy that is attempting to destroy Lion-O and his clan. Currently, Thundercats has returned in the form of Thundercats Roar, a Cartoon Network series that took a drastically different approach to the original adventures of Lion-O and friends by taking a far more humorous approach. Though the future of Thundercats is still up in the air, we're sure that Lion-O and the warriors of Thundera will return at some point in the future to fight Mumm-Ra and the mutants once again!

Twitter User TheAlanJohnson shared the big development that not only has the original Thundercats animated series landed on Hulu, but the 2011 reboot of the series that arrived on Cartoon Network years ago has been added to the streaming service as well:

While Thundercats isn't traditionally thought of as an anime, the original series was actually created in Japan, making it look different from a lot of the other animated series that were being released at the time. With a slew of merchandise and toys still being released to this day, Lion-O and his fellow Thundera warriors have definitely earned their place in the public eye.

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