Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Taps Into Touka's Dark Side

Tokyo Ghoul might have ended over a year ago, but fans have not moved on from the dark series. The supernatural horror left fans stunned in its final days as they watched Ken and Touka continue their mission to bring down their foe. Of course, fans were happy to see Touka take charge in battle whenever a baddie was dumb enough to cross her, and one cosplayer is honoring the heroine in all her renegade glory.

Over on Instagram, the user virtualfoxcosplay has earned praise from the cosplay community thanks to their take on Touka. The netizen, who cosplays everything from Demon Slayer and beyond, wanted to do a casual look for Touka that looks equal parts cute and deadly.

The Tokyo Ghoul cosplay, which can be seen above, was done in honor of Friday the 13th. The fan is seen posting in from of an abstract background featuring the dark purple and red hues associated with Touka. The casual look completes itself with a style purple wig, red cosplay contact lenses, and a bright red lip. Touka's black hoodie makes her look perfectly comfortable, but fans know the heroine is always ready to fight should the need arise.

This take on Touka is refreshing to see as it takes fans back to her early days. The heroine was surly at the start, but Tokyo Ghoul chipped away at her exterior to find the caring person underneath. By the time the manga ended, Tokyo Ghoul left Touka with a child and husband after the finale wrapped, and we're sure Ken would give his seal of approval to this spot-on cosplay of his wife.

So, what do you think of this impressive Tokyo Ghoul cosplay? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!