Sui Ishida, Tokyo Ghoul Creator, Returns to Social Media Teasing New Series

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the biggest anime franchises focusing on the supernatural, with the long running series recently being given a live action sequel in the form of Tokyo Ghoul: S as well as its first video game released in the west, and it seems as if the creator hasn't just returned to social media but is teasing at something new in the works! Sui Ishida returned to social media earlier this week after a hiatus, sharing a number of new sketches for a potential new series that is sure to have fans of Tokyo Ghoul speculating about its plot.

Tokyo Ghoul first arrived on the scene via its manga in 2011, introducing us to a world wherein human civilians were tormented and stalked by "ghouls". The monsters stalked the city streets, looking for victims to feed their insatiable appetite for flesh but a new protagonist appears when an attack goes wrong and Ken Kaneki is given organs from his attacker. Becoming a half human, half ghoul hybrid, Kaneki enters into a world of the supernatural while simultaneously working in a cafe that is created for ghouls to wind down the hours of the day! The series continues to be loved by anime fans and we're sure that Ishida's next anime project will be well received!

Sui Ishida shared his return to Social Media via his Twitter Account, as well as several new sketches from his yet unnamed upcoming project, leaving fans wondering if this will be a new installment of the Tokyo Ghoul franchise or something completely new from the mangaka:

The future of Tokyo Ghoul is still unclear, as we don't know when or if the story of Ken Kaneki will continue but we know that Sui Ishida's next project will surely have anime fans talking and hopefully we'll see the story of the series continue down the road!


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