Tokyo Ghoul to Get Manga Box Set from Viz Media Soon

Tokyo Ghoul has been making the rounds recently thanks in part to its first video game hitting North America and a sequel to its live action moving coming out in the form of Tokyo Ghoul S, and now, fans will be able to read the manga series in its entirety thanks to a box set being released in the fall from Viz Media. Viz Media has been one of the top providers when it comes to both digital and print manga, recently letting fans know during Anime Expo about a number of new releases that will be hitting this year and beyond.

Currently, fans can read the vast library of manga on Viz Media for around $1.99 per month, giving anime fans access to series such as Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia, One Piece, and even Tokyo Ghoul! Still, for print fans out there, the box set is looking to be released in October this fall, for around $169.99 USD at retail (Pre-orders are live here on Amazon with a 10% discount). The box set will collect all sixteen volumes of the Tokyo Ghoul manga, following the terrifying adventures of Ken Kaneki. Created by mangaka in 2011, the series has received a number of anime adaptations and will hopefully return in some form or function down the line!

Viz Media shared the news that The Tokyo Ghoul:re Complete Box Set will hit the stands this fall, giving fans the opportunity to read the entirety of the ghoul filled manga series which has become a popular franchise in the medium of anime:

Tokyo Ghoul's protagonist Ken Kaneki finds himself in quite the pickle, being assaulted by a ghoul himself who is looking to fill her stomach with his flesh, but through a series of events, finds himself receiving her organs and is made half ghoul himself. Struggling with a world of the supernatural as well as the inner turmoil that comes with being a new creature of the night, Ken gets a job within a "ghoul cafe" that brings him closer to the world of monsters and flesh eaters.


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