Trigun Stampede Brings Back Familiar Characters in New Trailer

Vash The Stampede has become a fan-favorite hero in the world of anime, despite the fact that the Trigun protagonist has been away from the anime world for over a decade. Earlier this year, it was announced however that the Humanoid Typhoon would be returning to the small screen via next year's Trigun Stampede, with a new trailer dropping that reveals more familiar faces from the original series that came as antagonists looking to help in making Knives' dreams come true.      

This new trailer doesn't just give us new looks at heroes including the likes of Vash The Stampede, Wolfwood, and Meryl Stryfe, but it also gives us fresh takes on Vash's nefarious brother Knives, the big bad of the original series. On top of Knives' emergence, we are also shown characters that look quite like two other major villains in Monev The Gale and Legato Bluesummers, who were both the brawn and the brains behind Knives' attempt to mess with his brother while also seeking to wipe humans from their world. Neither the creator nor the production team has confirmed whether Stampede will be a prequel or reboot, but these new takes on familiar characters might be leaning toward the latter.

Trigun The Gale

Toho Animation shared the new trailer for Trigun Stampede which features a new song from the upcoming anime series that will be in good company next year, as 2023's anime includes the returns of Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Vinland Saga to name a few: 

Trigun's first anime series was produced by Studio Madhouse and remains a beloved fan-favorite to this day thanks to the slick gun-slinging adventures that followed the Humanoid Typhoon. Ironically enough, the English voice actor behind Vash's character, Johnny Yong Bosch, recently returned to a major anime franchise as he once again took on the role of Ichigo Kurosaki during Bleach's revival in the Thousand Year Blood War. While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, we wouldn't be surprised to see Vash's original voice actor return for Stampede.


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