Trigun Stampede Director Teases Changes to Classic Series for Modern Era

Trigun is coming back for a brand new take on the classic anime and manga franchise, and the director behind the series has opened up about Trigun Stampede rebooting the series for the modern era! It was surprisingly announced earlier this Summer that Yasuhiro Nightow's original manga series would be coming back for a full new CG animated take on the franchise from the studio behind Beastars, Land of the Lustrous and more. Now the series has revealed its first full look during Anime Expo, and the team behind the new series have opened up about what to expect from its big reboot.

Revealing that this new Trigun Stampede anime series would serve as a new taken on the franchise overall, director Kenji Muto explained (via press release) that the team approached this new series with the intent of "defin[ing] the meaning of creating this work as an entertainment piece in this day and age." It's a full rebooted take on the original franchise, but with the series tapping into the core of what made those original releases so special in the first place as the director continued to elaborate on what to expect from the new project. 

(Photo: Orange)

"Rather than simply tracing the original manga that started 27 years ago, we wanted to define the meaning of creating this work as an entertainment piece in this day and age," Muto began before elaborating on the tone of the new take overall. "So Nightow-sensei, producers, and I talked again and again. In the far distant future, a spaceship lands on an unexplored planet called No Man's Land. Reminiscent of the American Old West, the residents of No Man's Land, who are the immigrants from Earth, create a new, free world where myriads of cultures and religions coexist, with guns in their hands."

"While it's a fantasy, we wanted to illustrate a world that resonates with our reality," Muto continued before teasing fans about the action, "We feel close and are drawn to the characters who do whatever they please in that world. It'll be a super cool battle-action series where outlaws, sheriffs, and gunslingers are constantly blazing guns. And please sense the twin brothers' clash of fate that lies underneath." Finally Muto made one final appeal to fans, "It's my directorial debut, so it might not be perfect. But I'm confident that it's a 'flawed-yet-attractive' product. Please enjoy the journey of the invincible gunman Vash the Stampede, who never stops running away with no guns and no violence."


How do you feel about Trigun Stampede's new approach to the classic franchise so far? What are you hoping to see from the new reboot anime series? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!