Crunchyroll to Add Two Major Movies on October 6th

Crunchyroll is the go-to place for all things anime, and it has amassed a number of IPs over the years. From shows to OVAs and movies, you can find just about anything you want to binge. Of course, there are some things missing from the catalog, and Crunchyroll has announced it will add two big movies to its line-up before long.

The update comes straight from Crunchyroll itself as the company confirmed two movies are coming on October 6th. Fruits Basket: Prelude will be available to stream soon, and it will be joined by Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry.

Of course, the former will be familiar to fans as Fruits Basket released the movie this year. It hit theaters in February 2022, and it tells the story of Tohru's mother and father. If you will remember, the original Fruits Basket anime spoke about the couple at length given its epic romance and tragic end. So if you want binge this movie in October, we recommend you grab tissues before sitting down.

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As for the latter film, Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is a bit older. The movie was released in May 2017 in Japan, and it is set before the anime's final arc. It follows Natsu and his guild mates as they visit Stella, a remote kingdom that is said to house an artifact called the Dragon Cry. The device is rumored to be incredibly powerful, so the Fairy Tail guild isn't the only one gunning for its location. Despite its age, the movie's animation holds up incredibly well, so Crunchyroll users will definitely want to check it out.

If you want to know more about either of these films, we've got you covered! The movies' official synopses can be found below, so read up before October 6th arrives!

Fruits Basket: Prelude - "Before Tohru, there was Kyoko and Katsuya. Infamous delinquent Kyoko was a lost cause until Katsuya was able to see through her anger. From charming beginnings to tragic ends, their love stretched beyond them – even to Tohru and Kyo's future."

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry – "In the Kingdom of Fiore lies a terrible weapon. Enter the Dragon Cry, a magical staff rumored to possess power capable of destroying the world. For years, it's been safely guarded and kept away from those tempted by its power. But everything changes when a traitor named Zash manages to steal it away. Now, in the hands of Animus-the cruel ruler of the Kingdom of Stella-a plot begins to form with the fate of the world at their mercy. Luckily, a simple recovery task is nothing for the wizards of Fairy Tail! Together, Natsu and his friends will go undercover to infiltrate Stella Kingdom in hopes of getting answers and restoring safety to the realm. But they'll quickly find there's more to this staff than the stories claim. What power really dwells within the Dragon Cry, and is the gang strong enough to fight ultimate destruction?"

What do you think about this latest Crunchyroll update? Will you be checking out either of these films? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.