How to Watch Akira and More Anime Free During Quarantine

Katsuhiro Otomo is easily one of the biggest anime creators, responsible for the legendary animated movie of Akira as well as other classic entries in the medium, and now, fans will be able to watch most of his creations for free beginning shortly! Recently, the Japanese streaming service of Abema has promised anime fans the ability to watch each of Otomo's classic films for free for a limited amount of time on a weekly release schedule! With Otomo and the Akira franchise both looking to make big returns, this is definitely a great time to revisit the works of the popular creator!

Last year, Katsuhiro Otomo announced that he would be returning to the world of the Akira franchise with an upcoming anime series that will stick more closely to the story that was told in the series' original manga. On top of this, Otomo also revealed the first announcement of his next feature length film in Orbital Era! Though the details of the film have yet to be revealed, and a release date is still up in the air, it's clear that legendary anime creator is going to have some busy days ahead of him with franchises both and old and new!

The streaming service of Abema will start releasing the works of Katsuhiro Otomo on a weekly basis beginning on May 3rd, with Akira starting things off to be followed by Steam Boy, Short Piece, and Memories, with each film being available to watch for 48 hours following release.

As mentioned earlier, Akira will be returning with a new anime in the future, though we haven't received many details in terms of how the story will be different from what we saw in the original film outside of sticking to the source material of the manga. The animated movie became one of the most legendary examples of the anime medium thanks in part to its mind bending story and jaw dropping animation!

During this time of quarantine, many anime companies and providers have given fans the opportunity to dive into some free series and movies, with the likes of Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, and Neon Genesis Evangelion just being a few examples of the franchises that fans can dive into!


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