Youtube Streaming Free Anime Movies for Inuyasha, Sailor Moon, and More

If you are needing some good binging material these days, Youtube Movies has just the thing for you. With each day that passes, more and more people find themselves quarantined as the coronavirus spreads. You may need something to watch at home during all that downtime, and anime fans can check out a slew of free films over on Youtube so long as they can endure a few adds or so.

If you head over to the main Youtube Movies page, you will find an array of movies up for streaming. Most of the movies are pay to watch, but Youtube has a robust free section which features ads. That is where you can find some solid anime ranging from Ghost in the Shell to Sailor Moon.

Currently, the first two Ghost in the Shell movies are available to watch. The first was added fairly recently while Ghost in the Shell 2.0 has been up for free for awhile now. Other films like Redline as well as Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter Alpa.

(Photo: Youtube)

Of course, there are other films out there ready to woo fans. If you happen to love Inuyasha, then Youtube has you covered. The anime has its first four films up to watch for free. So if you truly love the Feudal Era as much as Kagome, you will put up with the adds to visit the anime.

The final picks available to watch are more shojo in nature. Sailor Moon R: The Movie is up to watch, so you can channel your inner Serena while you check out the film. This big-screen take on Sailor Moon is one of the anime's best, so we are glad to see Youtube sharing the venture with the world.


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