Hit 90's Anime Begins Streaming for Free

With the current coronavirus pandemic knocking out a lot of big time anime franchises and manga [...]

With the current coronavirus pandemic knocking out a lot of big time anime franchises and manga with delays, fans are wading the waters of classic anime franchises in order to get their regular fix and one of the most well known series around will be offering over one hundred episodes from the franchise for viewers. Sailor Moon, the classic anime series that features the titular character and her fellow Sailor Scouts, will be made available on the Official Youtube channel for the series beginning on April 24th, to help pass the time for those who are quarantined and get fans ready for Sailor Moon Eternal!

Anime franchises releasing their libraries online via Youtube is nothing new, as the franchise of Mobile Suit: Gundam did something similar via the Sunrise Youtube channel. Taking episodes from across the number of different story lines that make up the decades long franchise, Gundam released a number of episodes and movies on their Youtube channel in celebration of their 40th Anniversary celebration. On top of this, a recent free for all streaming service in the form of RetroCrush is putting together a library filled with classic anime across the spectrum for fans to enjoy at their leisure!

Watch Anime Free Sailor Moon
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Sailor Moon Eternal, which this release is helping to promote, will be the next release in the long running franchise and will be a feature length film that will hit theaters later this year. Originally, it was slated to be released following the Summer Olympics being held in Tokyo, but with the pandemic knocking back the legendary sporting event, we're wondering if this film focusing on Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts will also be pushed back as a result.

This year was also going to have a Sailor Moon ice show, featuring an Olympic level skater portraying the role of the titular character, as well as a stage play that was in the works. Also, each year, Sailor Moon has been a part of the anime spectacular events taking place at Universal Studios Japan, and we'll be sure to keep you in the know when it comes to the franchise's involvement and whether or not the pre-planned events will all be taking place as scheduled.

With over 100 episodes slated to be released on Youtube this week, there's no better time to be a fan of Sailor Moon!

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