Watch BTS's Historic Performance Of "DNA" At The AMAs

The moment has come, Army! BTS finally hit the stage at the American Music Awards, and fans are [...]

The moment has come, Army! BTS finally hit the stage at the American Music Awards, and fans are absolutely losing it over the performance. If you missed the historic stage, then you are in luck; After all, Twitter is ablaze with fans who're sharing their own viewing parties of the stage.

The performance was proceeded by an introduction from two familiar faces. The Chainsmokers hit the stage to welcome BTS to the stage, and the EDM duo said they hesitated to introduce the K-pop group because of their overwhelming fandom. Army showed just how massive it was by cheering for the boys as they hit the stage, and audiences could hear part of BTS' official fan-chants start the song.

If you are not familiar with the track BTS performed, it was none other than "DNA," the title track from their new album. Love Yourself is the group's latest endeavor, and DNA managed to break all kinds of Billboard records after its release. The song managed to chart on the Billboard's Hot 100.

As you can see above, BTS did their fans proud with their energetic performance. The gang broke out into intense dance sequences that every Army fans knows by heart. Jungkook led the charge before V came in with his opening verses. J-Hope followed, and the chorus rocked the house as the AMAs came face-to-face with the might of BTS.

The performance BTS gave was an outstanding one, and it marks a major turning point for K-pop in the U.S. The group is the first Korean pop act to perform on the AMAs and BTS continues to gain accolades from western media. The group's international fame has garnered them comparisons to bands like One Direction and even The Beatles.

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