Webtoon Expands Production Plans for More Anime, Television Projects

Webtoon is one of the largest distributors of comics, and the service has big plans to turn its [...]

Webtoon is one of the largest distributors of comics, and the service has big plans to turn its web-comics into something accessible for all mediums. After a few of its comics hit the small screen this past year, Webtoon is expanding its plans for comic adaptations that run the gambit from anime to television and beyond.

The information comes from Deadline as the trade announced plans for Webtoon to launch its own production division. The branch, which will be called Webtoon Studios, aims to strategize adaptations for some of the service's top comics. Platforms targeted by the studio will include film, television, animation, merchandising, and more.

(Photo: Crunchyroll)

"Today marks a huge step for Webtoon," CEO Ken Kim said in a recent statement. "Webcomics have grown into a cultural phenomenon over the past 15 years – especially for younger generations. This is another important step in building a greater bridge from our creator's works on Webtoon to film, TV, and beyond."

Adding to the statement, Taylor Grant who is the Senior Vice President of IP development, said Webtoon is uniquely prepared to tackle an array of mediums. "Webtoon IP has had a tremendously successful track record in other mediums. Recent global hits, Tower of God, Noblesse and The God of High School, all released in 2020, showcase how beloved our series are around the world."

For those who have not kept track, Webtoon has formed a successful partnership with Crunchyroll as the two have paired on anime like Tower of God, The God of High School, and Noblesse. Each of these series has been praised throughout their first season, and fans have rallied for season renewals.

Now, it seems Webtoon Studios is looking to expand its partners even further. The company has announced plans to work with Vertigo Entertainment, Rooster Teeth Studios, and Bound Entertainment. So if there is a certain comic on Webtoon you would like to see adapted, well - now is the time to start crafting your pitch!

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