Yu Yu Hakusho Season One is Now Free For Fans

Yu Yu Hakusho introduced anime fans to the supernatural world of Yusuke Yurameshia, a delinquent who is hit by a car and is saved from death by taking on the position of Spirit Detective. Over the course of over one hundred episodes, fans were able to witness some of the biggest Shonen battles, with Microsoft recently announcing that fans of Yusuke and company could grab the first season for free for a limited time.   

 Yu Yu Hakusho first hit the scene as a manga in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1990, bringing its story to a close in 1994. The first season of the anime, brought to life by Studio Pierrot, arrived in 1992 and entails twenty-eight episodes in total. Over the course of four major arcs, the story of Yusuke Yurameshi introduced some wild battles, with the Dark Tournament Saga often regarded as one of the greatest Shonen arcs of all time. Currently, Netflix is working on a live-action adaptation of the series, to join its other takes on the world of anime in Cowboy Bebop, Avatar The Last Airbender, and One Piece to name a few.

Twitter Superstar Wario64 shared the new deal that anyone can grab as long as they have an Xbox account, with the first episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho introducing fans to the concept of Spirit Detectives while throwing in some wild Shonen fights that have plenty of demons throughout:

Studio Pierrot helped in bringing Yu Yu Hakusho to life, but they certainly didn't stop creating anime with the ending of Yusuke Yurameshi's story. While continuing to work on the Naruto franchise via Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the animation studio is also set to return to the world of Bleach later this year with the arrival of the Thousand Year Blood War. 

While Yu Yu Hakusho might not be making an official return, the original English voice cast is set to return via two new OVA specials that had arrived in 2018 but hadn't made their way to North America with an English Dub. 


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