Yu-Gi-Oh Will Release Some (Scary) Mugs for Pot of Greed, Pot of Avarice

The first Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series followed the adventures of the young man Yugi Moto and his goal to become the ultimate duelist while also sharing his head space with an ancient Egpytian Pharoah, and one of the stand out monsters of Duel Monsters will apparently be getting their own creepy mugs. Pot of Greed and Pot of Avarice are two spell cards that are used frequently in real life Yu-Gi-Oh! card tournaments, allowing a player to normally draw new cards to their hand that might help them ultimately win a duel against another duelist in the real world or the virtual one!

Pot of Greed is definitely one of the most well known cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! deck, allowing players to draw two new cards from their deck. Offered by Premium Bandai for around $50 USD, this is definitely a must for fans of the card dueling anime franchise. While the adventures of Yugi Moto have come to a close with the end of the first season of the anime, the franchise has continued with brand new protagonists dueling in entirely new environments. Pot of Greed has made appearances frequently in the first season, and has made appearances in a number of different mediums as well as countless memes.

Reddit User HarukaOgasawara shared the solicitation for the upcoming replicas of Pot of Greed and Pot of Avarice, that would be a worthy addition to Yu-Gi-Oh! fans' collections, often being a go-to choice for Yugi Moto when it came to his play style against the duelists he encountered in the first season:

Pot of Greed Mug and Pot of Avarice Tea Pot from r/yugioh

The current season of Yu-Gi-Oh! was delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, which has also made it far more difficult to duel folks in person if you played the game in real life. Pot of Greed itself has had a controversial status in the card game, banned as the ability to draw two cards was often seen as a "game breaking feature", with many cards being listed as "forbidden" or insanely powerful when you were able to collect a number of separate cards. With Pot of Greed making the latter far more likely, it's understandable why some tournaments might look down on its use.


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