This Yu-Gi-Oh LEGO Brings the Tastiest Duel Monster to Life

From Pokemon to Digimon, there have been plenty of examples of strange monsters across the spectrum of anime series, but recently, a fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series has used a Lego Set in order to put together an original interpretation of one of Duel Monsters' most insane cards in "Hungry Burger". A literal burger with teeth, you won't see this killer sandwich played that often in tournaments, but its strange appearance and overall strength definitely make it a monster to contend with if you should find it facing you down in a real life duel!

So powerful is "Hungry Burger", listed as a six star monster which puts it as one of the top duel monsters in the game, that it takes a ritual spell in order to summon this sandwich with teeth into a match. While "Hungry Burger" didn't appear officially in the anime, it would certainly make for a strange appearance were it to be a part of Yugi Moto's deck, or any of the dueling protagonists of the franchise that came after him. While Pokemon and Digimon have their share of "food themed" monsters, we'd be hard pressed to think of another anime monster as unsettling as this killer burger.

This Reddit User shared this impressive Lego Build, alongside the card in the official Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament Card Game, for "Hungry Burger", showing off the sandwich that could take a bite out of a player before they are able to take a bite out of it:

LEGO YUGIOH: Hungry Burger [I did it for the memes.. I’ll show myself out] from r/yugioh

Though the story of Yugi Moto came to a close following the finale of Duel Monsters, the first season of the anime and story line of the manga, the story of Yu-Gi-Oh! has marched on with a series of new protagonists and new methods to duel. With the individual stories focusing on aspects such as duel academies, alternate realities, and virtual battles, the current season of the series in Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens is adding a new page to the book of the franchise. We're crossing our fingers that this insane duel monster in Hungry Burger will one day have its time to shine in the popular anime series!


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