Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Breaks Down Exodia's Surprising Real-life Origins

Yu-Gi-Oh lore has always been a complicated thing for newcomers to get a hold of. With so many [...]

Yu-Gi-Oh lore has always been a complicated thing for newcomers to get a hold of. With so many series under its name, you can understand how some things happen to get lost. That is why fans have carried on the tradition of teaching fans about popular Duel Monsters, and the origin behind Exodia might catch you off guard.

Over on Instagram, the user cardventure felt it was time to educate fans both new and old on Exodia. The character has a vibrant in-game history thanks to its legendary status, but it turns out the card was inspired by actual Grecian mythology.

"Did you know that the name "Exodia" is composed of the two ancient Greek words "Exo" and "Dia" (ἔξωΔῖα)? Dia is a goddess of the ancient greek folklore and translates to "divine" or "she who belongs to Zeus". Historians presume that she was the female equivalent of Zeus," the user shared with fans.

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(Photo: Konami)

"Exo can be translated to "outside" or "outer part". This correlates to the fact that Exodia only appears outside of her prison when the very unlikely conditions of her summon are met."

Continuing, the fan went on to explain that a literal translation of Exodia is Outer God. It was said by H.P. Lovecraft that creatures known as Exodia were "the most powerful and devastating creatures, beyond any imagination... humans will never get a glimpse on these entities but when they do, their mind would instantly go blank"."

Of course, this sort of description suits Exodia perfectly. The Yu-Gi-Oh monster is difficult to assemble given its numerous pieces, but it ensures an automatic win for its user. So if you felt Exodia was too powerful to exist, well - you might want to check in with Greek historians about that.

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