Shonen Jump Releases Statement on Yu-Gi-Oh Creator's Passing

The worlds of anime and video games are mourning the loss of one of their biggest creators following the news that the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! had passed earlier this week. With both fans and creators alike reeling from the tragic news, Shonen Jump took the opportunity to share their thoughts and share how it has been an honor to be the publisher of Kazuki Takahashi's work for so many years. 

Shonen Jump had this to say when it came to the passing of legendary creator Kazuki Takahashi:

"It has been our privilege to be Kazuki Takahashi Sensei's publisher for 20 years. We and his many fans are deeply saddened by the news and will miss his indomitable spirit, energy, and commitment to storytelling. His Yu-Gi-Oh! legacy and impact will forever endure."

Earlier this week, following the tragic news, the director of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Eric Stuart, had this to say with regards to Kazuki Takahashi:

"Dan and I were performing one of our Yu-Gi-Oh live duels and were told Sensei wanted to meet us. It was exciting he was there to watch the event. I asked what the protocol would be. Would we shake hands, bow, could we speak? I mean, he is the creator of the show! Anyway, we were told to 'play it by ear and follow his lead'. After we got the bows and awkward 'normal' photos out of the way, I then asked him, 'Hey, do you want to do an anime pose with us like we do with the fans?' The translator's eyes popped wide open and quietly told Sensei. He smiled and said yes. Here's the infamous photo. Not only the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh but like all of us, a fan. RIP. Love, Kaiba."

While the manga for Yu-Gi-Oh! came to an end in the early 2000s, Takahashi remained overseeing the anime along with several other projects spawning from the magical card game. Recently, Marvel and Viz Media had released the latest work from Kazuki himself, which was a one-shot manga starring Spider-Man and Iron Man, giving the mangaka the opportunity to show off his skills when it came to some of the most recognizable heroes of the Marvel Universe.

Via Shonen Jump