Yu-Gi-Oh Star and Director Shares Moving Tribute to Kazuki Takahashi

The Yu-Gi-Oh fandom is in mourning today as reports confirmed creator Kazuki Takahashi passed away in Japan earlier this week. The beloved artist was 60 years old at the time of his passing, and reports revealed Takahashi was found by the Coast Guard off the shore of Okinawa. The shocking tragedy has impacted fans around the world as many of them are now recounting what they love more about the franchise. And now, one of the anime's top stars is doing the same with a touching anecdote about Takahashi.  

For those unfamiliar with Stuart, the director oversaw a number of Yu-Gi-Oh episodes for 4Kids back in the day, and his legacy with the series lives on. He took up the role of Seto Kaiba in the English dub once season two got off the ground, and he's continued to stick with the role ever since. When it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh in America, Stuart is a steadfast supporter, and he posted an emotional message to Facebook today after learning of Takahashi's death.

"Dan and I were performing one of our Yu-Gi-Oh live duels and were told Sensei wanted to meet us. It was exciting he was there to watch the event. I asked what the protocol would be. Would we shake hands, bow, could we speak? I mean, he is the creator of the show! Anyway, we were told to 'play it by ear and follow his lead'," the post reads.

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"After we got the bows and awkward 'normal' photos out of the way, I then asked him, 'Hey, do you want to do an anime pose with us like we do with the fans?' The translator's eyes popped wide open and quietly told Sensei. He smiled and said yes. Here's the infamous photo. Not only the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh but like all of us, a fan. RIP. Love, Kaiba."


As you can see above, Stuart and actor Dan Green got the photo of a lifetime with Takahashi. The trio looks ready to duel just about anyone, and this memory seems to encapsulate what fans say they love most about Takahashi. The late creator was as much of a Yu-Gi-Oh fan as anyone else, and Takahashi's never turned down the chance to celebrate that love with his fans. And in the wake of his death, the community is taking time to remember all the things that made the creator such an inspiration.