Netflix Would "Absolutely" Bring Back Twin Peaks

twin-peaks-set-richard-hoover-06During an interview promoting their upcoming fourth season of Arrested Development, Netflix's Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos was asked one of those questions that's been coming around and around for the last few years:

Would he want to bring back Twin Peaks?

Well, according to Welcome to Twin Peaks, Sarandos answered "with a very positive 'Absolutely!'"

Of course, anyone hoping to resurrect the cult-favorite series will have to convince co-creators Mark Frost and David Lynch that it's the right idea...and possibly have to compete with the networks that currently hold the rights, too, as every so often somebody from one of the big three trots out the idea again.

Back in January, after rumors began circulating the Lynch had met with NBC brass about bringing the series back to life, all involved denied it--but days later, NBC President Jennifer Salke said that as a result of the buzz generated by the rumors, she was going to make some calls and see about the possibility. Since then, there have been a handful of comments by Frost and Lynch expressing that they'd be open to the possibility of returning to Twin Peaks one day under the right circumstances.

And, of course, there's the matter of the looming twenty-fifth anniversary.

An early episode of the series featured a sequence in which the main character was shown a vision said to take place 25 years in the future. As the twenty-fifth anniversary nears (it's a little less than two years now), fans have long suspected that if a new installment of Twin Peaks were to come, it would be on or around that date, in keeping with the odd, elaborate and often prophetic nature of the show's narrative.

A couple of years ago, a number of Twin Peaks stars reunited for a "tribute episode" on the USA Network procedural detective show Psych. The episode, co-written by Psych star and Twin Peaks fanatic James Roday, was one of the best-rated of that season and drew broad critical acclaim and a good deal of media attention before and after it aired. You can see our interview with James Roday about "Dual Spires" here.