Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Millar to Co-Host a C2E2 Panel

The Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo just updated their programming for next month's convention -- and a panel they added is a dozzy.

In "Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Millar One-on-One: Industry Giants in Conversation," the creator of Miles Morales and Riri Williams will sit down with the mind behind Kick-Ass and Wanted for a candid chat about the state of the comics industry.

The panel will take place on April 7 at 11 a.m. and will last one hour.

Such conversations are nothing new to comics: Will Eisner used to host regular conversations between himself and other comics luminaries, many of which were published. A book of conversations between Frank Miller and Eisner was eventually printed all on its own.

"Oh, it's happening! We get to find out if Mark remembers ever meeting or working with me," joked Bendis on Twitter.

Each of the two men have been at the center of big changes lately: Millar is licensing his creator-owned comics to Netflix for a series of movies and TV shows, setting the stage for Rob Liefeld to make a similar announcement today. Bendis, meanwhile, has left Marvel and headed to DC, where he will relaunch Superman and take over writing Action Comics.

Each of the two has seen their creator-owned as well as corporate concepts turned into other media, with movies like Kingsman and Captain America: Civil War to Millar's name and Bendis behind the properties in Jessica Jones and the forthcoming Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse animated feature film.

As an independent creator with mainstream success, Millar has become an authority on comics to the outside world, with his tweets and forum posts on the nature of the comics economy, film adaptations, and more becoming news. For his part, Bendis has fostered a brand for himself by working on the kind of ground-level, gritty superhero fare that populates Marvel's Netflix offerings.

You can see the official description below.

The C2E2 Main Stage presents a once-in-a-lifetime dream panel. Join two of the most iconic names in the comic book universe, on stage together! Be there for a candid one-on-one conversation with these two creative titans as they discuss their monumental careers and incredible creations.


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