Arrow Creator Marc Guggenheim Launching New Image Title With Artist Justin Greenwood

Arrow was the story of Oliver Queen's transition from brutal, bloodthirsty vigilante into idealistic superhero -- and now Marc Guggenheim is taking one of his characters in the other direction. Guggenheim, who co-created Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, is launching a new series at Image Comics with his Resurrection collaborator Justin Greenwood -- and it centers on a superhero who snaps and becomes a violent (and seemingly blood-soaked, based on the cover art) vigilante willing to cross the line to get what she views as justice.

The title is called Torrent, and it will launch as a new ongoing series in February 2023 from Image Comics. It centers on Michelle Metcalf, who "is the world's most happy-go-lucky hero—Crackerjack—until tragedy forces her to cross the line from hero…to vigilante."

"Michelle gets dragged through hell and back, pitting her against all levels of villains and heroes alike! It has been insanely fun to draw a super-hero book overflowing with action, not to mention getting to team up with so many of my pals and frequent collaborators," said Greenwood. "Marc has built a rich world of incredible characters and we are having a blast putting them through the meat grinder. It's exactly the kind of vicious, kinetic comic I'd been champing at the bit to draw, and it looks amazing thanks to Rico's bold colors and Keith's great design."

Torrent #1 cover
(Photo: Justin Greenwood/Image Comics)

"I'm thrilled to be working with Justin Greenwood again and to returning to the world of creator-owned super-heroes—but with a twist: A character-driven story that forces us to question what really makes a hero," Guggenheim added. "With this series, Justin and I are striving to break new ground by reinventing and revisiting old tropes. And Justin's kinetic art is second to none." 

Guggenheim, who wrote the first draft of Jake Gyllenhaal's planned Prophet movie as well as developing a pilot for L.A. Law, has been busy this year. He also launched Last Flight Out from Dark Horse Comics, and recently told subscribers to his Legal Dispatch newsletter that " I'm grateful every day to have comic books as a creative outlet. Not only did I find some of the best people in my life through the comics industry, comics remains a medium that it just makes me happy and fulfilled to work in."

Torrent #1 will be available at direct market comic book shops on Wednesday, February 15. You can see the ordering information below:

  • Torrent #1 Cover A by Greenwood & Rico Renzi – Diamond Code DEC220096
  • Torrent #1 Cover B by Greenwood & Rico Renzi – Diamond Code DEC220097

Torrent #1 will also be available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.