Oracle's Future State Costume Revealed

We're in the second month of DC's Future State event, and its impact on the characters throughout the publisher's universe is continuing to manifest itself. In addition to profound character introductions and epic team-ups, Future State has also brought a lot with regards to fashion, with many of its wide array of heroes and villains getting some new duds. That was definitely the case in this week's Future State: Nightwing #2, which featured an unconventional group of Gotham characters teaming up in the fight against the Magistrate. In the process, fans got to see a brand-new costume for one of DC's most beloved female heroines -- Barbara Gordon/Oracle. Spoilers for Future State: Nightwing #2, from Andrew Constant, Nicola Scott, Ivan Plascencia, and Wes Abbott below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue saw Nightwing and Tim Fox's Batman joining forces, in an attempt to stop the Magistrate -- and particularly, their Peacekeeper agents -- from further manipulating the citizens of Gotham City. After the Magistrate blew up Arkham Asylum, they were greeted by a surprising roster of heroes and villain alike, joining up as The Resistance. At the center of the group, which included Huntress, Batgirl, Talia al Ghul, Two-Face, Robin, Batwoman, and Man-Bat, was Oracle, who was tricked out in a new supersuit as well. The featured a grey color palette with a light purple bat symbol, as well as orange-red accents. Barbara also sported a shorter bob of hair in the process.

future state nightwing 2 oracle costume
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

While the costume only makes a brief appearance in the events of Future State, it definitely is a captivating one, serving as a natural escalation of some of Barbara's more notable costume changes in recent years. The costume also allows for Barbara to still operate as a hands-on vigilante -- costume and all -- without taking on the mantle of Batgirl, something that has been a fixture of the character's arc towards the end of her recent solo run. With Barbara expected to factor into the new Nightwing ongoing series as part of the upcoming Infinite Frontier publishing initative, here's hoping that this new take on Barbara's duality as a hero will continue on.

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