DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #1 Review: A Trilogy's Final Chapter Seeking a Reason

Despite not being a massive fan of the zombie apocalypse sub-genre, I'll happily admit I've been onboard with Tom Taylor's DCeased run from the start. He introduced different spins on the typical horror tropes (his zombies aren't even technically zombies) and weaved in legitimately funny moments and heartbreaking loss, making for an outstanding Elseworlds installment. 

But DCeased: Dead Planet ended in such a way where it felt like the story had nowhere else to go. The cure had been discovered, the zombified heroes had all been turned back and the world could finally start recovering. Heck, the first few pages of DCeased: War of the Undead Gods takes the biggest hero lost in the apocalypse and puts them back on the board. 

However, there was one aspect of the apocalypse that was never addressed – New Genesis. While I appreciate Taylor tying the final series of the event back to its origins with Darkseid and the Anti-Life equation, it's still hard to see it as a threat now that a cure is readily available. Taylor might find a way around that (maybe it doesn't work on New Gods?) but this first issue doesn't give any indication of that being the case. 

As for the positives, there are plenty. The book opens with a wonderfully twisted reboot of the Supergirl origin, Superman and Lois' reunion is legitimately tear-jerking and Alfred mourning the death of most of the Bat-family reminds you how invaluable that particular character is. There's also a wonderful visual of a near-dead Brainiac (providing some sliced-up Frieza vibes) that ties up the end of the issue nicely. Artist Trevor Hairsine also returns as the series' artist and his visceral, gory depictions of the infected is every bit as chilling as it was before. 

But with all that said, the opening issue doesn't quite justify why DCeased required another series. I'm sure I'll be proven wrong in issues yet to come and the comic is by no means bad, but its opener didn't do quite enough to demand readers' attention once more.

Published by DC Comics 

On August 9, 2022

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Trevor Hairsine and Andy Lanning

Colors by Rain Beredo

Letters by Saida Temofonte

Cover by Trevor Hairsine and Rain Beredo