Image Comics Announces Adventureman From Matt Fraction, Terry and Rachel Dodson

Earlier this week, Image Comics announced that New York Times bestselling, Eisner Award-winning writer Matt Fraction (Sex Criminals, Hawkeye), artist Terry Dodson (X-Men/Fantastic Four), and Rachel Dodson (X-Men/Fantastic Four) will team up for an all-new, ongoing adventure series titled Adventureman, launching in April from Image Comics and beginning its run with a "massively extra length and wildly affordable first issue," according to their announcement. If you get a look at the art and think it has a general Allan Quatermain/Indiana Jones vibe, that's on purpose: it's the story of a long-gone pulp hero whose adventures inspire a new generation of heroes.

According to Image, "The story of beloved pulp hero Adventureman ended with a never-resolved cliff-hanger for his legion of fans as their hero faced execution at the vile hand of his ultra-nemesis Baron Bizarre. And now, eighty years later, single mother Claire and her 'Adventurefan' son Tommy seem to be the only two people alive that remember the thrilling Adventureman sagas -- but from that memory burns the spark of resurrection. What if it was all true? What if it all really happened? And what if it was happening again? Where his story ended... her story begins!"

"Terry and Rachel and I have been working together a long time on Adventureman and I'm thrilled our giant baby is finally ready for the world," Fraction said in a statement. "It's a high-flying, senses-obliterating, earth-shaking, imagination-quaking, adventure and we can't wait to share it with everyone."

(Photo: Image Comics)

"Creating Adventureman has been a heck of a journey!" added Terry Dodson. "It's been an amazing opportunity to develop new worlds of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Worlds inhabited by enduring and believable characters, making a family. This project allows me to tick off numerous 'wants' on my creative list! I hope everyone enjoys the ride as much as we did making it."

You can check out the official solicitation text for the first issue below, along with a first look at the cover above.


Blending high-octane pulp action, low-flying dirigibles and more art-deco rayguns than you could shake a walking stick at, Adventureman kicks off with a 64 page issue filled to the brim with action and intrigue for the introductory cover price of $3.99.

Adventureman #1 (Diamond Code FEB200011) will be available at direct market comic book shops and on digital platforms like ComiXology, Kindle, and Google Play on Wednesday, April 29.