Jim Lee and DC Comics Debut New Aquaman Sketch to Benefit Retailers

DC Comics Publisher and legendary artist Jim Lee has been using his talents to aid comic book shops that have been forced to close down because of the coronavirus pandemic. With distribution stopped and the industry disrupted, many shop owners need as much help as they can get to get through these trying times. Lee and other DC Comics artists are raising funds for the Book Industry Charitable Foundation, with Lee himself producing 60 sketched over 60 days featuring some of the company's most iconic characters. ComicBook.com has the reveal for the latest sketch featuring Aquaman.

Check out the new sketch from Lee below, and be sure to check out the eBay page for talented artists contributing to fund-raising effort.

jim lee aquaman sketch
(Photo: Jim Lee / DC Comics)

All proceeds from the auctions are benefitting a special fund to help struggling comic book stores during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each auction lasts for 3 days with the winning bidder from the previous auction naming the next character Lee draws, no duplicates allowed.

Lee has raised nearly $150,000 for for this initiative, and DC Comics will also donate $250,000 to BINC's fund for comic shop retailers. And the best part is that retailers don't have to wait for these auctions to wrap up; they can apply for assistance right away through tax-free grants for situations of personal hardship.

ComicBook.com caught up with Lee about these sketches and the amazing collaborators who have joined him.

"It’s been really gratifying to see so much creative talent rise to the occasion to support our comic book retailers, everyone is getting into the act," Lee said. I just recently announced Frank Miller. Bill Sienkiewicz. Walt Simonson are next. These are my Art Gods. So honored to have them be a part of this fundraising effort!"

While no one has quested a hero from the Legion of Super-Heroes just yet, Lee said he's eager to get a crack at one of them.

"Hmm—there are a couple of Legionaires who would be cool but I don’t want to sway the voting!"


And while some people would love to see Lee collaborate with others for an art jam, the publisher said the current situation makes that more difficult.

"I’ve had some folks reach out but the logistics of doing a jam on art board given the situation we are in make it challenging so unlikely."

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