'Martian Manhunter' Reveals How Martians Bang

Martian Manhunter #1 finally revealed one of the DC Universe's biggest secrets - how exactly do [...]

Martian Manhunter #1 finally revealed one of the DC Universe's biggest secrets - how exactly do Martians have intercourse?

The opening issue of Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo's new Martian Manhunter series stunningly redefined J'onn J'onnz, his Martian homeworld, and his early life on Earth. The series not only brought J'onnz's human alias as detective John Jones back into play, it also radically changed Martian culture by emphasizing the Martian ability to change their form at will.

Although DC has long established that J'onnz and other Martians (both Green and White) can shape their flesh, Orlando and Rossmo depicted a Mars where Martians are a lot more amorphous and fluid with their forms. Not only do the Martians change their body types during different interactions (in particular, they have both a public "social form" and one reserved for family), it seems that they don't necessarily even keep a humanoid shape in certain contexts.

The most...graphic depiction of this comes when J'onn and his wife M'yri'ah engage in kitchen relations, merging into one large fleshy and amorphous shape while they writhe and moan in pleasure. You can check out the scene below, but be warned that it contains some NSFW...thought bubbles.

martian manhunter

As you can see, J'onn and his mate quickly abandon their arms and legs and merge together into a bubbling and lumpy mass of green flesh, presumably so they can feel every inch of each other's skin as they simultaneously climax. The page leaves very little to the imagination, unless those overlaid panels of J'onn's eyes are a clever way to censor Martian sex organs. If you're into hot alien action that doesn't necessarily involve genitals, this is probably the hottest sex scene that's ever appeared in a mainstream superhero comic.

Considering that DC Comics' brass just got into some hot water over flashing Batman's penis in a recent issue of Batman: Damned, we're shocked that they published this graphic taffy-on-taffy scene without putting the comic inside some sort of sealed bag.

Martian Manhunter #1 is on sale now.