Marvel Reveals a New Agent Venom

Marvel has revealed a new Agent Venom in the pages of Marvel Comics Venom series. Writer Donny Cates has taken Eddie Brock (and his son Dylan) on a wild new journey into an alternate reality, in the storyline "Venom Beyond." In Venom #27, Eddie and Dylan try to get their beraings in the strange new world they were warped into by The Maker's portal, only to find this new world is a hard one to wrap their minds around. A symbiote hive seems to run the world, using a team of Symbiote Avengers as enforcers. There is a resistance opposing that authoritarian rule - and a new Agent Venom is its leader!

Warning: Venom #27 SPOILERS Follow!

Eddie Brock just can't catch a break. Like literally: Venom doesn't get a moment to catch their breath in the brave new world before all hell breaks loose. Anti-Venom hunter Virus portal experiment went haywire - and he's still in hot pursuit even after they arrive in the new dimension. The ongoing scuffle between Venom and Virus across the futuristic cityscape quickly attracts the Avengers to the scene - only these Avengers aren't quite what they initially seem, as their uniforms all bear the Venom insignia.

Dylan senses it first, but it's the conflict with both Venom and Virus that reveals that these Avengers are in fact symbiotes, working for "Codex," the leader of a new symbiote hive mind that Venom has never connected with before. While the Symbiote Avengers turn on Virus, Venom and Dylan make a break for it and escape into the sewers.

It's in the underground that Venom encounters a group that identifies itself as the resistance against Codex and the symbiotes. That rebel group is led by Agent Venom, who is revealed to be Eddie Brock's ex-wife, Anne Weying!

Venom 27 Comic Spoilers Anne Weying Alive Agent Venom
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

This reunion is no doubt going to be an emotional gut-punch for both Eddie Brock and Dylan. Anne Weying committed suicide in their timeline, as a result of her bonding with Venom and seeing Eddie be the monstrous version of himself. Dylan never got to meet his mother, as she left him to be raised by Carl Brock (Eddie's dad), who was abusive to the young boy. Anne's death has left major holes in both Eddie and Dylan's lives, and now she's back.

Agent Venom Anne Weying also sparks some immediate intrigue. She's a leader and more in sync with her symbiote than the main reality version of Weying - and based on her reaction to seeing Eddie, there's the implication that she may have suffered her own big loss, which Eddie's presence could now fill.


Could Agent Venom Anne Weying be headed for a bigger future in the Marvel Universe? The next chapters of "Venom Beyond" will reveal the answer!

Venom #27 is now on sale.