Marvel Fully Reveals Black Cat's Symbiote

Spoilers for King in Black below! Marvel's King in Black event continues and it has resulted in [...]

Spoilers for King in Black below! Marvel's King in Black event continues and it has resulted in multiple heroes and other characters from the Marvel Universe becoming possessed by Knull and his symbiotes. Another character got their own symbiote this week, but luckily for her she's in full control. Black Cat continues its pace as the hero plans the biggest heist of her life as she's tasked with stealing....Doctor Strange. The previous issues of King in Black and Black Cat saw the Sorcerer Supreme get absorbed by the symbiotes and now he's stuck as Knull's prisoner. In order to pull off the heist and retrieve him, Felicia will need her own symbiote to infiltrate the goo.

As previously established, Felicia has assembled her crew together and among them is Doctor Steven, a scientist known for studying symbiotes. He reveals to Felicia that to get inside and steal/rescue Doctor Strange she'll need to blend in, and she'll do that by using "prototype Anti-Venom suits" which are immune to Knull's mental commands unlike every other symbiotes. Felicia rides a goblin glider to get into position and as she falls into it, deploys her own suit which looks awesome.

black cat symbiote comic

In the end, Felicia is able to successfully save Doctor Strange (thanks to giving him his own AntiVenom suit, which doesn't look nearly as cool) and make it out alive with some help from the Spider-Mobile. Doctor Strange remains knocked out by the end of the issue though and as a result we get to see Felicia make another transformation, as she taps into an Asgardian staff/wand that they were counting on him using. This imbues her with some kind of Asgardian powers as well which gives her ANOTHER costume change, seen below.

felicia asgardian

It's unclear which, if either, of these new suits Felicia will wear for the next piece of her journey in the next issue, but we've got to be frank, they both rule and Black Cat needs more alternate costumes throughout this new series. You can read the solicit for the next issue of the series below.


Black Cat #3
(W) Jed MacKay (A) C.F. Villa (CA) Pepe Larraz
• Stealing from a space god has made Felicia Hardy pull out a whole new bag of tricks...
• And some of these tricks? Their effects may last far beyond the invasion of the King in Black.
Rated T+
In Shops: Feb 24, 2021