Marvel Teases Black Cat's New Symbiote Costume

The 'King in Black' event is currently making its way throughout the Marvel universe, and is [...]

The "King in Black" event is currently making its way throughout the Marvel universe, and is continuing to bring a surprising roster of characters into its orbit. As Knull becomes more and more of a threat, Marvel's heroes and villains will have to go to great lengths to attempt to stop him -- even some unexpected costumed crusaders. This week's Black Cat #1 showcased one interesting side of that, putting Felicia Hardy into the conflict in a pretty fitting way. If that wasn't enough, the tail-end of the issue teased another major update for Hardy -- a new costume. Spoilers for Black Cat #1, from Jed MacKay, Nina Vakueya, C.F. Villa, and Pepe Larraz below! Only look if you want to know!

Black Cat #1 saw Felicia running headfirst into Knull's attack on Earth, as she attempts to use the evacuation order to successfully pull off a new heist. In the middle of that, things quickly go awry with the arrival of Knull's monsters -- and Felicia's curiosity leads her into the battle, which is being waged by Captain America, Doctor Strange, and other Marvel heroes.

After Doctor Strange essentially gets swallowed up by Knull's monsters, Earth's other mightiest heroes begin to fall -- and Captain America tasks Felicia with escaping and finding a way to rescue Doctor Strange. This leads her to Alchemax and Dr. Steven, in an attempt of asking for his help in finding a way to "steal" Doctor Strange back from Knull himself. At the end of the issue, Black Cat seems to hint at how Felicia could do that -- with the help of a grey and black symbiote suit, which is shown forming over her body.

black cat 2 symbiote suit preview
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Even just in this brief preview, the suit is definitely striking, honoring the silhouette of her traditional Black Cat costume while also subverting the color scheme entirely. In the past, it would probably be safe to assume that a potential symbiote suit for Black Cat would just build on the black of her initial costume -- but doing the opposite feels epic in a whole new way. And while there's currently no indication of exactly how Felicia comes into this symbiote suit, it will definitely be fun to see her use it in the fight against Knull.

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