Marvel Reveals Shocking Identity of Spider-Man's New Villain

The mysterious new Spider-Man villain Kindred has finally revealed his secret identity, and this ghoul of a bad guy is truly going to rock Spider-Man (and Marvel fans') world! Amazing Spider-Man #50 sees Peter Parker and his Spider-Verse friends still dealing with the (muted) resolution to their battle with Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, by leaving the madman to face the wrath of Sin-Eater. Meanwhile, Kindred is unfurling his plan to make a living hell (literally?) of Peter Parker's life. And by the end of the issue, when we finally learn who is behind Kindred's demonic visage, we fully understand why this villain's battle with Spider-Man is going to get very personal.

Warning - Amazing Spider-Man #50 SPOILERS follow!

While Peter Parker and the Spider-Verse team are leaving their subterranean battle with Norman Osborn, Kindred is busy in a graveyard retrieving the corpses of two of Peter Parker's closest old friends: Gwen Stacy and her father Captain George Stacy. While he's grave-robbing, Kindred is also using his centipedes to keep tabs on Sin-Eater, his personal hit-man. Stanley Carter/Sin-Eater is sent down to ambush Norman Osborn in his moment of defeat, and after a lengthy exchange between Norman and Stan, Sin-Eater does the work he was sent to do, and guns down Norman with his special shotgun, thereby consuming all of Norman's sins.

Whatever dark forces were inside of Norman, Kindred is able to harness them from Sin-Eater and transform them into some kind of horrific demonic power that he uses to attack (and seemingly possess) Spider-Man and his friends. The results of whatever spell or energy Kindred hit Spider-Man and co. with is still very unclear, but when he wakes up from Sin-Eater's attack, Norman Osborn (now apparently cured of evil) pleads with Doctor Kafka to find Kindred as soon as possible. That's because Norman knows exactly who Kindred really is, and he shares that bombshell reveal with Kafka (and us readers):

MAJOR SPOILERS: Spider-Man villain Kindred is actually Harry Osborn!

Marvel SpiderMan Kindred Harry Osborn Amazing 50 Spoiers
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

That's right: Harry Osborn, Norman Osborn's son, and Peter Parker's best friend has been resurrected as a demon and has been pulling all kinds of strings around Peter Parker/Spider-Man's life, ever since he appeared on the scene in Amazing Spider-Man #5. Looking back on the events of the series since that time, there are now so many red flags that indeed Harry Osborn was the one behind Kindred. Norman Osborn/Carnage's confrontation with Kindred during "Absolute Carnage" practically screamed the answer.

Harry Osborn/Kindred is already a mastermind villain on a level we haven't seen since classic Spider-Man stories, where Harry's dad, Norman had his infamous clandestine run as the Green Goblin. How Peter deals with facing Harry again is immediately intriguing; what this version of Harry can do with his horrific Kindred powers (specifically resurrection) is now frightening to imagine.


Amazing Spider-Man #50 is now on sale at Marvel Comics.