Top 10 Comic Books Rising in Value in the Last Week Include Star Wars and a Lot of X-Men

Deadpool 3, Blue Beetle, and Star Wars: Ahsoka inspire this week's top comics!

Deadpool 3 fuels tons of rumors this week, leading four books to continue hitting our top ten! Of those four, we see two books related to the rumor about a certain superstar coming as a dazzling mutant. If you're a fan of the ragin' cajun, you will be happy to see that an age-old rumor has resurfaced. Also, Cassandra Nova still holds on to a top ten spot as one of the rumored villains for Deadpool 3. Rumors from the production of Doctor Strange 3 have also propelled a book to one of our top spots. Blue Beetle, the premiere of Ahsoka and an upcoming Toxic Avenger movie, sends first appearances straight up to the top! A Spider-Gwen homage cover crawls into the top ten. And, perhaps the most surprising news this week, we see the ever-elusive SPAWN #306 NETHERREALM variant make an enormous wake in the aftermarket. Scroll down below and catch up on the latest top-selling comics!

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#10: NEW X-MEN #114 – DIRECT EDITION | MARVEL | 2001 | Deadpool 3 continues to churn out rumors, including one of the possible villains being Professor Xavier's sister, Cassandra Nova. This rumor is tied to the casting of Emma Corrin, whom reputable leakers immediately identified as the actress selected to portray Cassandra Nova. Reputable or not, Deadpool 3 production has halted due to the writer's strike. It's possible we could see a change in direction when writers/actors return to work on the project, so it's important to take early rumors with a grain of salt. Until we received more information, we tracked it at a high sale of $166 for a CGC 9.8 and a current raw NM FMV of $15. 

#9: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #32 – ELIZABETH TORQUE – HOMAGE (1:50) | MARVEL | 2023 | Homage covers are fantastic tributes to legendary works of comic art. They're perfect for showcasing a favorite character in a similar "classic" pose, like the ever-popular Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider showcases here with an homage to Mike Zeck and Bob McLeod's Web of Spider-Man #32. As the value of this book declines in the aftermarket, sales continue to grow. This book was a highly sought-after cover, not at the initial presale price of $75. As the hype settles, this book has fallen to a raw NM FMV of $45. We tracked it at a high sale of $60 for a raw copy

#8: UNCANNY X-MEN #266 | MARVEL | 1990 | Deadpool 3 is one of the most anticipated movies on the upcoming MCU slate. It's also the center of dozens of hot casting rumors. One of these rumors is that Channing Tatum is finally taking the stage to portray the ragin' cajun Gambit! A rumor like that has brought back the age-old debate about which book is Gambit's first appearance. As usual, this book has won the debate for most collectors, supported by a higher sales volume and price. In the meantime, we tracked it at a high sale of $750 for a CGC 9.8 and a raw NM FMV of $158.

#7: AVENGERS #35 | MARVEL | 2014 | Rumor has it that the "Time Runs Out" storyline (which starts in this issue) will significantly inspire the Doctor Strange 3 movie. This story focuses heavily on Doctor Strange stopping multiple incursions as universes collapse. Feige has confirmed that Secret Wars will rely on the 2015 storyline, which also sees realities colliding. For many, this was enough of a coincidence to support picking this book up for future reference! We tracked it at a high sale of $100 for a CGC 9.8 and a current raw NM FMV of $8. 

#6: TOXIC AVENGER #1 | MARVEL | 1991 | A movie still and synopsis for the dark comedy has made its way online. The Toxic Avenger stars Peter Dinklage, along with stars like Jacob Tremblay, Kevin Bacon, Julia Davis, and Elijah Wood. Along with the still, the project released a movie poster, revving up anticipation for its debut in Fantastic Fest on September 21st. In the meantime, fans are refreshing their memories and collections with fresh copies of the Toxic Avenger's first appearance. We tracked it at a high sale of $256 for a CGC 9.8 and a current raw NM FMV of $31. 

#5: STAR WARS KANAN #1 | MARVEL | 2015 | A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, a rumor started that the Ahsoka series on Disney+ would be centered around the search for Ezra Bridger. The two-episode premier has confirmed that Ahsoka and Sabine Wren will be searching for Ezra and Thrawn in the subsequent episodes. This issue is a fantastic key to own for fans of the Star Wars Rebels animated series and, now, the Ahsoka series. This book has since shot up on the priority list for most collectors. We tracked it at a high sale of $210 for a CGC 9.8. FMV for a raw NM copy is $47.

#4: INFINITE CRISIS #5 – JIM LEE – REGULAR | DC | 2006 | Blue Beetle has been well-received by fans and critics alike. However, this positive reception is not tracking parallel to a dwindling box office return. Blue Beetle tells the story of the latest heir to the scarab, Jaime Reyes. Even though his cinematic debut may not be performing all that well, James Gunn already mentioned that Blue Beetle would be part of the new DCU. Since the Blue Beetle has already been a fan favorite (thank you, Young Justice), collectors have been picking up copies of his first appearance in anticipation that we will see the young hero on the silver screen again. We tracked it at a high sale of $260 for a CGC 9.8 copy and a raw NM FMV of $48.

#3: SPAWN #306 – FINAL KOMBAT – NETHERREALM | IMAGE | 2020 | What a crazy story! This book has shaken the aftermarket to the core! At one point in time, this book was highly sought after due to it being an extremely rare variant. Originally, the Editor-in-Chief at Todd McFarlane Productions stated that there were possibly 50 or less copies of this book. Allegedly, many were given to players as an MK event exclusive, and the rest were to be destroyed. However, new information has come to light. This past week, eBay user buckysbooks listed nearly 70 copies of the issue. In the description, it was stated that the seller owns roughly 1/6th of the entire print run. If the almost 70 copies were their total supply (we tracked 93 sales just this week), the seller is claiming a current print run of over 400 copies. This is an enormous amount when compared to the 50 previously claimed. However, despite the spike in volume, raw and graded copies are still selling for significant prices, primarily due to STILL being a relatively rare Spawn variant. Spawn fans recognize that now is the time to buy a copy if they want one. What a wild ride for this Final Kombat edition of Spawn. We tracked it at a high sale of $1,250 for a CGC 9.8 and a current NM raw FMV of $426.

#2: DAZZLER #1 | MARVEL | 1981 | For those who want to join in on the Taylor Swift/Dazzler rumor fun, this book won't break the bank! While her first appearance has been holding a steady uptrend into the hundreds for NM raw copies, raw NM copies of the first issue of her first solo series are still under $30. Moreover, if you want to pick up a 9.8 graded copy of this book, it will land you around the $200 range. Until Taylor Swift confirms or denies the rumors that she will play Dazzler, expect to see this book on everyone's want list! Until then, we tracked it at a high sale of $220 for a CGC 9.8 and a current raw NM FMV of $18. 

#1: X-MEN #130 – NEWSSTAND | MARVEL | 1980 | There aren't any new rumors about Taylor Swift's Dazzler cameo in Deadpool 3, but this book still can't shake it off. By "it," we mean the intensity behind comic and Swift fans alike! This rumor may have started small, but it continues growing weekly despite no new information. More news outlets are covering the story, but we still have no official word from Marvel or Taylor Swift about the future of Dazzler in the MCU. Last week, a CGC 9.8 almost set a new record high, selling at $2K (falling just $26 short)! This week, we see a lot of movement in the 9.2-.9.6 graded books and lots of raws. If this rumor gets any form of support, either through another rumor or a confirmation, expect to see the Dazzler in the top ten again! As we wait for any official announcement, we tracked it at a current raw NM FMV of $236.

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